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hello i am John Donners from business services John Donners

This is a site for business services and of course the private sector.

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make the choise to create your business and follow the steps

Step 1

Research other financial service businesses in your area. Conduct research to determine what other financial services businesses are operating in the same niche and covering the same area. Examine the types of services these companies offer. Review the company website, print advertisements, brochures and more to see how these organizations are reaching out to potential clients.

Step 2

Research the laws in your state for financial services businesses. Many states require businesses engaged in financial services to obtain a business license. Contact your state finance office or visit to determine state-specific information that applies to your business. For example, in Houston any business engaged in a money services business is required to submit a complete licensing application.

Step 3

Obtain an investment or law license. If you plan to sell or buy stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other investments for your clients, you must acquire an investment license (Series 7) or insurance license (Series 65). For financial services businesses that offers law advice, you must also obtain a license to practice law.

Step 4

Write a business plan. A business plan for a financial services business is a guide that sets the goals of the business, how the business operates and what type of clients your services cover. The business plan should also address how you plan to finance the start-up costs of your business, your financial services business location and how you plan to reach clients.

Step 5

Establish your fees and services. Create a list of the services you will offer. Next to each service, list how you will charge for the services. Financial services firms may charge a fee based on service, a percentage of the amount of business it conducts for a client, or a retainer or flat rate fee. For example, if you plan to trade investments for clients and the client has assets with you that total $100,000, you may charge a 3 percent fee per year for managing the assets, which means you make $3,000 per year on this client.

the site is only started at 2013-05-05  more will follow soon